Rebuilding a Community through Investment and Jobs

By Nick Dmitrovich Everyone knows that when a company decides to establish a new facility, it can have a substantial impact on their chosen community. But, what if that notion was used as a force for good? What would happen if a company specifically chose a location where they could create the best possible local […]

Understanding the impact of Cook Medical’s 38th & Sheridan project

Cook Medical is developing a medical device manufacturing facility on Indianapolis’ northeast side with a number of community partners. Known as the 38th and Sheridan project, this development is focused on building stronger bonds between the company, its workforce, and the communities that surround the site. The project is based on a new model for […]

New medical manufacturing facility gets nearly all minority-owned contractors

A new manufacturing facility that will produce medical equipment on the northeast side of Indianapolis is nearly complete with most contracts going to Black-owned businesses. When Cook Medical and Goodwill of Central and Southern Indiana announced their partnership to build the facility in November 2020, they set a goal to have all contractors be minority-owned. […]

Cook Medical builds Indy factory using only contractors with diverse owners

INDIANAPOLIS — Doubt and disbelief hung over Cook Medical’s lofty goal. Hiring 100% diverse contractors to build a $15 million medical-device manufacturing facility was considered difficult, if not impossible, by many in the construction industry. Sure, government projects routinely set goals to have 15% to 20% of their contractors be companies owned by people of […]


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MIRA Award Winner

Community Impact Award (Individual): The Indianapolis business leader has accomplished on the construction jobsite what few, if any, others have: 100% diverse participation.

Business Equity for Indy

Turning No into a Yes of Endless Opportunities Hearing no wasn’t something new for me, but how I responded to that feedback changed my life and career, creating a catalyst for change and possibilities. “Don’t listen to those who say YOU CAN’T. Listen to the voice inside yourself that says, I CAN.” – Shirley Chisholm Growing […]

Mira Awards Nominee

The Darden Group, LLC selected as nominee for TechPoint Mira Awards honoring ‘The Best of Tech in Indiana’ Following two years of virtual events, award winners will be announced during an in-person gala at the JW Marriott on Saturday, April 23, 2022 INDIANAPOLIS (Month, Day, 2022) — TechPoint, the nonprofit, industry-led growth initiative for Indiana’s […]