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It is a very complex industry. A thankless profession…until someone notices… But construction is necessary.

It is a very complex industry 

A thankless profession…until someone notices… 

But construction is necessary. 

Does this sound familiar: 

I’ve heard…but my estimator didn’t… 

I didn’t know that was in the subcontract… 

How do I ask for money when I underbid the project… I didn’t know how to find that… 

I just missed it because I was working on two bids at the same time… I just didn’t ask… 

I wanted to impress the General Contractor…so I didn’t ask… 

I didn’t know what to ask… 

The superintendent doesn’t like us… 

Or What about this… 

Do you feel overwhelmed?

Are your projects over budget? 

I don’t know where the schedule is…  

I don’t know where I fit into the schedule 

They always want me to work overtime and extended hours with no compensation. The projects never end… 

Do you feel like the schedule moves quickly and you’re standing still? Are you running around doing everything and not completing anything? Do you have a team of talent that just needs training that you don’t have to give? 

Take a breath… 

There is help out there 

Construction does not have to be difficult.

It is literally time and money…just like anything else.  

At the beginning of the project, everyone (Owner’s, General Contractors, Architects, Engineers,  Stakeholders, Community) is given perimeters.  

If you stay within your perimeters (within budget and on time) for your work and help others to do  the same, your project will be successful. 

I’ve created a course that only takes 2.5 hours to complete. It comes with a workbook that  allows you to implement the instruction in real time. 

Learn about time management, cost management, project management, scheduling, and more. Enroll in our class today! 

Best part, it is not graded… 

…you have 90 days to complete 

…you get a workbook that has tools you can use on each project 

…no matter what type of project 

…and gives you the questions you need to ask to get the answers you need to succeed.

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