Marion County, Indiana Work Opportunities in Construction

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Summary of Marion County construction job training and job opportunities, including Indianapolis construction job boards and ongoing projects.

As the most-populous county in Indiana and the home to the state capitol, Indianapolis, Marion County is an important employment hub for many of the surrounding counties. When it comes to the Indianapolis job market, the fastest-growing and most in-demand sectors of high-paying employment is construction.  Over the last 5 years, Marion County employment in the construction trades has grown by over 18%. The second-ranked industry is healthcare, at 15%, and the tech sector comes in third at 10%.

Compared to healthcare and tech, construction represents a very different kind of job. Job training for construction typically takes less time than these other industries, and the work you do at the end lets you get outside, work with your hands, and watch an incredible project transform your community in the most physical and literal sense.

Let’s explore the construction training options, the ongoing projects that need talent, and the most popular job boards to find a construction job in Marion County.

Marion County, Indiana Construction Job Training

Seizing the work opportunities in Indiana construction starts with job training. Here are some of the resources and organizations that you can take advantage of:

  •  Build Your Future Indiana: This collaboration between state and local agencies and employers seeks to educate job seekers about construction opportunities and connect these individuals with training.
  • Ivy Tech Construction Technology Program: Ivy Tech Community College offers certifications in construction management, carpentry, and electrical, as well as an Associates of Applied Science. Through the Next Level Jobs Grant, you may even be able to complete a certification for free.
  • WorkOne Indy: This network of American Job Centers provides connections for underemployed, unemployed, and laid off Hoosiers, helping them connect to local resources to launch a rewarding career.

These are just some of the community organizations seeking to elevate job seekers and career launchers, especially individuals from diverse neighborhoods like Lawrence, Devington, and Brightwood.

Marion County, Indiana Ongoing Construction Projects

Here are just a few of the high-profile construction projects in Indianapolis right now. From entry-level skilled tradespeople to specialists like electricians, plumbers, and carpenters, there is opportunity for all people:

38th and Sheridan

Marion County Community Justice Campus

Indianapolis Airport Upgrades

IU Health Downtown Medical Campus

16 Tech Urban Innovation District

These projects also provide a snapshot of how construction improves and impacts our communities, from more job opportunities, to public health, to a community-driven reimagining of the justice system.

Marion County, Indiana Construction Job Boards

Once you know what kind of construction work you want to do, and where to get the training, you might also be curious what kind of job openings there are. These are some of the best job boards for construction work in Indianapolis.

           Indy At Work.Com

            Indiana Career Connect.Com

            Construction Jobs.Com

            I Hire Construction.Com

            Careers In Construction.Com

In addition to looking around online at the many opportunities, networking is a great way to understand, navigate, and find work in the skilled craft trades. The doors of The Darden Group LLC are always open to any and all people who want to learn more about entering construction, who need connection to training, and who have the skills and need work to match.

Reach out to us with questions and we can help!

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