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The mindset of exceptionality is intentional. That doesn’t mean waking up every day, looking in the mirror, and calling yourself exceptional. Instead, it means looking outside yourself for chances to advance your mission and vision. When that work is your pursuit of happiness, it also allows happiness to spread to others.

Opportunities to grow your career and support others in doing the same currently abound in the Indiana construction industry. We want to share news of these opportunities to help you level up your career, improve your network, get into conversations with new people who support your goals and join us in paying these opportunities forward.

Intentional Excellence: Increasing Diverse Hiring in Indianapolis

The foundation of any lasting excellence in a community is representation. We are so proud of our community partners and clients who have helped us make great strides in building this foundation of excellence right here in Indianapolis.

Since the start of our work on the 38th and Sheridan project, we have achieved:

  • 100% Minority Participation – meaning 100% of the executed subcontracts were awarded to 100% minority owned companies. 97% owned by people of color, and 3% women and veteran owned businesses.
  • Currently, 60% of the workforce on the project are people of color.
  • We are hiring Hoosiers for this project. We currently have 8 new hires (within 2 weeks) with the majority being people of color.

We have worked with Cook Group and Goodwill of Central and Southern Indiana to achieve success. People are thriving. We want to scale that impact.

Scalable Excellence: Repeatable Processes for Lasting Impact

Scaling the excellence that is achieved through diversity means including more people at all levels. From experienced construction professionals to those who are just launching their careers, we continue to work with subcontractors, unions, nonprofits, and Indianapolis companies in need of construction talent and services to connect diverse people to opportunity.

Here are some of the jobs we can currently connect you to:

Growing Excellence: Solving Problems Through Innovation

Solving problems through innovation allows companies to grow their reach in many ways. Acquiring new clients is one way, and another is through acquisition and mergers with other companies. When a diverse business grows to this point, it should be celebrated.

Growing excellence doesn’t just mean educating yourself about what you don’t know, but also surrounding yourself with others who have complementary skills and strengths to your own. We have seen our construction management course help CEOs and other business leaders achieve both at once. When they take the course along with employees training in construction management, everyone has a shared language and understanding of processes. At the same time, each person on the team brings different skills and perspectives to the table to help make different parts of the vision a reality. Taking our course and sharing it with employees can increase profits and opportunities for your business. We invite you to explore the curriculum, enjoy a free preview, and register today for the Construction Management Masterclass

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