Rebuilding a Community through Investment and Jobs

By Nick Dmitrovich

Everyone knows that when a company decides to establish a new facility, it can have a substantial impact on their chosen community. But, what if that notion was used as a force for good? What would happen if a company specifically chose a location where they could create the best possible local impact? That interesting idea is happening right here in Indiana today, with the culmination of a new medical device manufacturing facility from Cook Medical and its partners. The entire project was developed with a community-driven focus that could very well bring prosperity to an area with some of the highest unemployment and poverty rates in Indiana.

38th and Sheridan

The new medical device manufacturing facility is commonly referred to as the 38th and Sheridan project, after the location where it sits in Indianapolis. The project is a $15 million, 40,000-square-foot facility that is fully registered by the FDA to produce things like catheters, needles, sheaths, and medical introducers, which are a type of sheath used to place a catheter through the skin into an artery. Construction completed in early 2022 and operations began shortly after.

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