Time Management

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Having the right tools

Just like building a project, the right tools: the sharper blade, the more powerful tool, the right equipment will make the job easier.

Getting the right tools for you and your staff is key to your success.

Time Management

If you can manage time, you can get what you need done.

If there are not enough hours in the day, make the day longer…by starting earlier

Also, fill the time with training and communicating with your team.

It is not beneficial for your company if you know everything about everything…and no one else knows.

The keys to success is training along the way so you can. have:

  1. Someone managing the field personnel.
  2. Someone managing the field correspondence.
  3. Someone managing payroll.
  4. Someone managing the business.

The first step is equipping your team to sustain the business for you so you can grow the business.

I’ve created a course that only takes 2.5 hours to complete. It comes with workbook that allows you to implement the instruction in real time.

Learn about time management, cost management, project management, scheduling, and more. Enroll in our class today! courses.dardengroupllc.com

Best part, it is not graded…

…you have 90 days to complete

…you get a workbook that has tools you can use on each project

…no matter what type of project

…and gives you the questions you need to ask to get the answers you need to succeed.

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