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‘Cook Medical’ needs hundreds of diverse workers to build and run an Indy manufacturing facility

“It was very intentional to come here and change the socio-economics for the people, by the people,” Darden says, “So in order to do that, you have to hire the community and have people working here that look like the community.”

“Cook Medical” hired Darden to get the word out and onboard roughly 100 people of color, women and veterans.

Darden tells WRTV her firm will accept anyone over 18 for this project, with no experience necessary.

Darden Group LLC will provide construction and OSHA 10 safety certifications, offer paid training, and consider any applicant with a background or other barriers.

Darden says this project is about lifting up people who have been typically overlooked and giving them a chance to work on a project in their own neighborhood.

She hopes the opportunity at 38th & Sheridan leads to other open doors for the people she will hire.

“We are not going to turn anyone away,” Darden says, “And we are not only going to get them employment for this project but construction projects beyond. It’s a career, not just a job.”

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