Effective Tools for a Successful Contractor

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Akilah Darden, MBA LEED Accredited Professional BD+C President
Akilah Darden, President and Founder of The Darden Group LLC, created her course Effective Tools for a Successful Contractor as the ultimate toolkit for construction project management.

Over three modules, Akilah has distilled over 21 years of construction project manager experience into actionable steps and tangible takeaways for success. Plus, over 50 pages of templates and worksheets are yours to keep forever after completion of the course. The course only takes two and a half hours to complete, but students have access for 90 days to revisit the lessons and solidify understanding. Let’s dive deeper into what is covered in each module of this course.

Module 1: Project Management

Module 1: Project Management starts by defining the role of a project manager in a construction project. Then, you move on to learning about understanding the scope of work and defining the details of the project, as well as the meaning of a schedule of values.

Module 1 also has two sub-modules that explore specific, highly-important aspects of construction project management. These are:

  • Module 1a: Know Before You Need To—This submodule covers how to review contracts and how to carry out monthly reporting.
  • Module 1b: Subcontractor Review—This submodule covers how to review subcontractors. 

Module 2: Communication & Cost Management

Module 2: Communication & Cost Management starts with guides to be an effective communicator. This includes strategies to convey how each team member is an essential part of the success of the project. Daily positive communication helps you not only meet but exceed project goals on-time and on-budget.

Speaking of budget, this module emphasizes the deep interconnection between communication and cost management on a project. You will learn how to manage when change orders are coming in faster than the bills are being paid, and concrete strategies to get paid for materials and other costs in the same month they are incurred.

Module 3: Scheduling & Time Management

Module 3: Scheduling and Time Management concludes the course with more practical strategies to achieve each project on-time and on-budget. This includes high-level work, like aligning with the General Contractor to create and maintain the schedule, as well as recurring administrative work like breaking down the schedule each month you are on-site to review costs, budget, and work in place. Every process is walked through step-by-step.

These modules, printable templates, and downloadable playbook will assist you in your day-to-day processes no matter what your discipline is.  

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Regardless of your industry, skill level, project, or budget, you can achieve projects more efficiently, with more collaboration, better attitudes, and make more money. In just a few hours of study through Effective Tools for a Successful Contractor, you will have the tools to make it happen. We can’t wait to see you in class and hear from you about how this course transforms your success.

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